Cool Lipo: Changing Appearances for the Better

Have you ever taken a look at the smoothness of a baby's skin? That is how, optimally, everyone's skin should be. People spend lots of money on various products and techniques in an attempt to bring back some of that childlike glow. However, the fact remains that there are a bunch of different things that happen throughout our lives that damage our skin or add weight to our faces. Thus, medical technology sometimes needs to step in.

One of the most recent developments in skincare technology is the removal of fat, which is available through a number of treatment options, such as Cool Lipo, Smart Lipo, and Vaser Lipo, for example. Before, when a person wanted firmer and smoother skin, seeking out separate procedures would be the norm. In the case of Cool Lipo, this minimally invasive procedure incorporates both lifting and smoothing into one procedure.  Other technologies also offer this freedom.

So, what does Cool Lipo do, anyway? Like other fat removal treatment options, advancements in laser technology allows for the removal of additional fat in the face and liquefies it. The liquefied fat is then easily removed. In order to truly understand this concept, it is important to understand that fat molecules in the face, as well as any other area of the body, are very hard to get rid of.

However, during a Cool Lipo procedure, the laser not only gets rid of these fat molecules, but also stimulates the production of collagen.  The production of collagen often occurs with other fat removal technologies as well.

Thus, the patient is left with not only a thinner face, but also a more taught one. Something that anyone interested in having this procedure done is to find out all of the additional benefits that are associated with a successful completion of this procedure.

First of all, because many laser fat removal techniques are so minimally invasive and do very little to disrupt the epidermal layers, the precision of the laser allows it to focus on one specifically small area. Because of this, it is more versatile than traditional liposuction techniques. The surgeon will use a hand piece with a laser fiber, and will direct the laser to all of the areas that need fat removed from.

Additionally, if a person wants a face lift or even a neck lift, they will need neither, since this procedure provides the look of both. Since it is so minimally invasive, general anesthesia will not be needed. Only local anesthesia, which poses far less risks, will be used. The procedure can actually take place in the doctor's office.

Prospective patients will also be curious to know about whether or not the procedure will result in bruising. Bruising should not occur, and there is virtually no chance of scarring, either. After the procedure has been completed, the area (which does not have to just be the face) will be wrapped, and the patient can usually return to work and other activities the very next day.

Perhaps the most important question that any prospective patient will ask is in regard to how long it will take before results are evident. The answer? The patient should begin to see some improvement immediately. Another thing to keep in mind is that continual improvements will be seen throughout the next six months after the procedure.

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