Age Spot Removal

If you have dark colored age spots on your face, hands, arms or other places, and you want to look as young as you would feel without them, then you'll want to read more here about age spot removal that can assist you in getting rid of these unsightly patches of skin.

Areas of the skin most affected by age spots include:

• Face

• Back

• Arms

• Feet

• Shoulders

• Hands

• Legs

If you have always been a tanner, then you may notice more age spots on your shoulders, back, chest or any area that you've had an overexposure to the sun.

Laser age spots removal

More and more people are turning to lasers to get rid of age spots because they are more accurate and do less damage to the skin because light is used to precisely target and remove the age spot without damaging the surrounding areas. There is also less pain and less recovery time needed with laser treatments than non-laser treatments.

How many treatments and how long do they take?

For most people, one or two treatments are all that is required. In the event of darker, larger spots, you may need and extra treatment to obtain optimal results. The treatments themselves only take a few minutes, you could have it done over the lunch hour.

If you are interested in age spot removal you should contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Whether its age spots removal or another cosmetic procedure that you want to have done, there is a cosmetic surgeon in your area who can assist you today.

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