Dermal Filler

Dermal filler have become one of the greatest weapons in the war on aging. More and more people are equipping themselves with dermal fillers to enhance their look, reduce and/or eliminate wrinkles, raise scare depressions, enhance lips and replace soft-tissue volume loss.

Types of Dermal Fillers

• Collagen fillers - bovine, zyplast, zyderm, human foreskin collagen, Cosmoderm and Cosmoplast

• Silicone dermal fillers

• Radiesse

• Retylane

• Hylaform

• Lipotransfer

Each Dermal filler comes with its own set of pros and cons and they all have their own risks attached. But for the most part, risks include allergic reactions, infections, pain, and scar formation. You should talk to your cosmetic surgeon to decide which filler is right for you.

Fillers can be expensive but the prices vary depending on the number and types of areas being treated and the amount of filler material required. Dermal filler applications can cost anywhere from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, temporary fillers only last 3-9 months.


Most Dermal Filler risks include allergic reactions, infections, pain and scar formation. You should talk to your doctor about the specific filler that you are going to use for a more detailed risk profile.

If you are interested in Dermal Filler you should contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Whether it's Dermal Filler or another cosmetic procedure that you want to have done, there is a cosmetic surgeon in your area who can assist you today.

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