During pregnancy, vast changes occur each day as life forms itself, from the moment of conception until birth. If you are pregnant, your skin is going through changes as well, some that occur during pregnancy and others that may become apparent after the birth of your baby.

Some pregnant women experience a brown pigmentation of the facial skin called melasma. It is sometimes referred to as the mask of pregnancy; melasma is a condition that many child-bearing women experience, although the condition is not restricted to pregnancy. It can also affect men and Asian skin is very susceptible.

The dark patches that appear on the face, are usually on the cheeks and around the eyes, but melasma may also affect the area above the lip and the forehead.

Pregnancy related melasma usually occurs when the body is exposed to sunlight during the hormonal changes that occur during the gestation period.

Melasma Treatment Options

Dermatologists often treat melasma with topical creams or lotions that help to exfoliate the skin and clear it up. In more severe cases, steroid creams may be used. The best course of treatment, based on your skin type, can be determined by your dermatologist. Melasma can usually be cleared up in 3 or 4 months, once a treatment has been started. is a leading resource for melasma information. Search for a dermatologist near you today!

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