Sculptra is an injectable cosmetic treatment option that stimulates the build up of the body's own collagen to smooth out lines and wrinkles and restore lost facial volume to give you a fuller, more youthful appearance.

Sculptra Can Enhance the Following Areas

• Sunken cheeks

• Temple indentations

• Hollows under the eyes

• Laugh lines

• Lines around the lip line

Sculptra is a synthetic injectable material known as poly-L-lactic acid. Poly-L-lactic acid is a substance that will not harm your body and it's also biodegradable. Poly-L-lactic acid has been used for the past couple of decades in dissolvable stitches, soft tissue implants, and other types of implants.

The Sculptra Procedure

Your cosmetic surgeon will inject Sculptra just below the surface of the skin in the area of fat loss. After your procedure, you will notice a gradual increase in skin thickness. You should be able to see visible results within the first few treatment sessions.

Treatment results can vary from person to person. But some people have seen lasting results for to 2 years following their first treatment session. Touch-up treatments may be required to maintain the desired effect. is a leading resource for Sculptra information. Search for a cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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