Blue Light Acne Therapy

Acne is one of the most universal skin syndromes, touches approximately 85% of all Americans. Blue light acne procedure can assist in getting rid of your acne, but there are numerous discussions being debated in the medical community - one being the question: Does stress worsen acne?

In the past stress has not been a measured aspect that was thought to have generated acne flare-ups, but the latest research has suggested that it could be a trigger. A small study done at Stanford University in 2002 revealed that there may indeed be a connection between exam-related stress and the harshness of acne.

Another study, in 2003, established that a chemical relationship probably existed, linking acne and other skin disorders and stress. This study paid close attention on the outcome of stress and the response created by the brain. The letting go of chemicals in the brain brought on by stress triggered a boost in sebum production by the oil glands, which eventually resulted in amplified acne.

Significant research is still necessary on the stress and acne correlation, but this proves to be a fascinating beginning.


Can you lessen the stress in your world and reduce your acne?

Blue Light Laser Acne Therapy

Blue Light Acne Therapy is Blue Light Photodynamic therapy and it has been FDA approved. This acne procedure eliminates the P acnes bacteria in your skin. It can be done alone or accompanied by a topical application of ALA, or Levulan for the management of acne vulgaris.

For Blue Light Acne Therapy, you will be seated in front of the Blue Light application system for approximately 15 minutes. Depending on the rigorousness of your acne, you will have weekly applications for a fixed number of weeks.

Acne is unquestionably not treated the same way it was when we were children or even a decade ago for that matter. But thanks to investigative studies our understanding of acne and how it starts has increased, leading to a variety of new acne therapies and changes in treatment options that already exist.

For more information on acne, the treatment options available and blue light laser acne therapy, you should consult with a cosmetic dermatologist in your area today. is a leading resource for blue light acne therapy information. Search for a cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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