How many times have you heard, "oh he's so cute, just look at all of those cute little freckles!" Cute, maybe when you're like 2, but as you grow older, they become annoying and bothersome and you try to cover them up with makeup or you search for some other viable option to have your freckles removed.

I don't know of too many teenagers or adults who show off their freckles. Nope, there aren't any beauty pageants that advertise a freckle contest and offer prizes for the biggest freckle, the most distinguished freckle, and let's don't forget the most talented freckle. Nope, it's never happened and never will, because most people want to have their freckles removed.

And thanks to the revolution of lasers you can now have your freckles removed quickly and easily. Thanks to the precise technology of lasers, treatment can be targeted even at a very tiny spot.

Other Freckle Removal Options Include

Another freckle removal option is Retin-A and numerous forms of chemical peels. However, a laser is the quickest way, but Retin-A is really good too, the down side is that it can take months of using the product before you see any results.

Chemical peels essentially come in two types, surface and deep penetrating. The surface peels, such as glycolic peels, can get rid of your freckles, but only after multiple treatments. The deep penetrating peels will remove your freckles right away, but there is a longer recovery period.

Which brings us back to lasers, the greatest advantage of the newer laser systems is that the laser energy is absorbed completely by the color of the freckle, and it doesn't harm any of the surrounding skin. This is my treatment of choice, particularly on the face.

For more information about freckle removal treatments you should contact a cosmetic surgeon in your area. Whether it's a freckle removal or another cosmetic procedure, a doctor in your area can help you decide what treatment options are best for you. is a leading resource for freckle information. Search for a cosmetic dermatologist near you today!

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