Modern Advances and Proven Techniques in Treating Acne

At some point in their lives, most people in Tulsa, Oklahoma and throughout the country experience some degree of acne problems. Acne is a condition most closely associated with teenagers, although many adults also suffer from acne as well. Patients who are suffering from acne, regardless of age, are encouraged to speak to a medical professional to discuss possible treatments or procedures that may help them find relief. Using a variety of treatments including topical medications, antibiotics and laser and light therapies, many patients have been successful in treating their acne.

The cause of acne may be related to the influx of hormones during puberty, although other factors including stress and diet may play a role as well. A skincare professional may offer advice or instructions on steps patients may take to prevent acne.

The treatment recommended by a physician may vary depending on the severity of the patient's acne. While some patients suffer from very severe acne, others have only mild cases. Those suffering from severe cases may be at greater risk of scarring, so consultation with a skincare professional is recommended.

Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide solutions are often sold over the counter and may be an effective treatment. A topical treatment and antibiotic may be the first defense recommended by many dermatologists or skincare professionals. If that does not work, they may prescribe other medications or recommend other treatment techniques.

Systemic treatments may be recommended if topical treatments are not effective. Erythromycin and Bactrim are examples of possible second line defenses. Additionally, women may find that contraceptive pills can be effective in fighting acne. Patients should discuss all possible side effects of these antibiotics and topical treatments with a medical professional before beginning treatment.

Isotretinoin may be prescribed for severe cases of acne in which scarring may be present. Accutane is an example of this type of medication, and patients are encouraged to discuss its benefits and possible side effects with a physician before beginning use. This treatment has been successful for patients in the past, although patients who are taking isotretinoin should be cautious of the possible risk of birth defects if taken when pregnant. Some believe that isotretinoin may be associated with suicidal symptoms as well, although this is highly controversial and should be discussed with a physician.

Those suffering from acne in Tulsa may be recommended laser treatments as possible solutions as well. Various lasers have been tested with positive results, although research is still being done to determine the effectiveness of lasers in treating acne. For more information about laser acne treatments, patients should speak to a medical professional. Blue light and red light therapies may also be effective in treating mild cases of acne. Patients with severe acne may not notice any improvement when using light therapies.

Other treatment methods also exist including photodynamic therapy, radiofrequency therapy, chemical peels and microdermabrasion. Before beginning treatment, patients should thoroughly discuss the treatment with a medical professional and should consider other options. Considering other treatments has helped patients determine which treatment would work best for their individual case. Those in Tulsa or the nearby communities should locate a medical spa or dermatologists' office to discuss further treatment options and to have their questions answered and concerns addressed by a medical professional in the field.

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