When Dermabrasion May Be of Service

In Setauket, New York, dermabrasion has helped many patients overcome a variety of skin conditions and to achieve more youthful looking skin. This treatment serves multiple purposes, sometimes allowing patients to achieve a number of goals at once using only this one treatment. Dermabrasion is often used to resurface and refinish the skin so that it is left smoother and with a more even tone. This treatment has been used to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars, chicken pox scars and facial pitting. It has also been used to solve pigmentation issues and as a means of removing an unwanted tattoo. Further information regarding the uses and benefits of dermabrasion may be obtained through consultation with a medical professional with knowledge of the procedure.

Dermabrasion is performed using a tool that removes the top layer of skin. This allows the doctor to decrease the difference in depths between smooth skin and facial pitting. This often leaves a smoother texture because the indentations are less pronounced following treatment. Melasma and other pigmentation issues may be treated using dermabrasion as well. It may also be used to remove precancerous skin growths, but many patients turn to dermabrasion to help get rid of scarring or wrinkles. Speaking to a medical professional in the field is the best way to determine if dermabrasion or a similar treatment like microdermabrasion, or epidermal leveling, will work best for each individual case.

Before undergoing dermabrasion, patients in Setauket should speak to a medical professional to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Several factors may be used in determining a patient's candidacy, but patients should generally be in good overall health and should not have recently suffered a sunburn nor have undergone radiation treatment or a chemical peel. Additionally, lighter skinned patients may have greater success with dermabrasion than darker skinned patients.

Patients who have taken Accutane in the past 18 months, have sensitive skin or who have a history of cold sores and herpes may not be considered candidates for this procedure. The best way to determine one's own candidacy is by speaking to a medical professional.

Dermabrasion is normally performed as an outpatient procedure. It may be performed in a medical spa or in a dermatologist's office, or in another medical office. A general anesthetic may be required, although a local anesthetic or a sedative may be used as well. A spray is used to freeze the skin before treatment. A handheld rotary tool with an abrasive brush or wheel is used by the doctor to remove the top layers of skin.

Following treatment, the treated area may feel abraded. A scab may form over the area that was treated in the days following the procedure, and swelling may occur. A doctor may prescribe medication to relieve the pain in the days following treatment. The skin may have a pink complexion following treatment, but this will gradually return to a natural tone in the four to eight weeks following treatment. Avoiding sun exposure and following the doctor's instructions for recovery is vital to ensure a safe and effective recovery.

Patients in Setauket and nearby areas are encouraged to locate a clinic that provides this service so that they may consult with a medical professional with knowledge and experience in the field.

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