Youth Movement: What Fraxel Re:Store Has Done For Patients

Fraxel re:store is a laser treatment that has allowed many patients in the Duxbury, Massachusetts area to walk away from treatment with a more youthful appearance. The treatment focuses on small areas of skin within the treatment area. This has allowed patients to receive a treatment that is minimal in discomfort and recovery time needed. Conditions such as discoloration or scarring are targeted by Fraxel re:store, allowing patients to overcome certain cosmetic blemishes. This treatment has been successful in treating both superficial conditions and conditions that affect deeper layers of skin such as wrinkles and/or scars. Fraxel re:store stimulates the production of collagen, which often leads to better skin elasticity and a more youthful appearance.

Learn more about fraxel restore in Duxbury, Massachusetts. Fraxel re:store produces a controlled damage to the skin, which makes it an option for men and women seeking skin rejuvenation treatment. While Fraxel re:store produces results for patients looking to treat superficial conditions and some scars in the deeper layers of skin with minimal downtime, another procedure called Fraxel re:pair has been used to treat conditions that may be too deep for Fraxel re:store to treat effectively. Fraxel re:pair may produce a significant tightening of the skin as well. Because of the nature of this treatment, there is more downtime and recovery time required than is necessary with Fraxel re:store. Patients interested in either treatment should speak to a medical professional to discuss each treatment and which would give them their best chance for success.

Getting back on topic; Fraxel re:store treats other conditions beyond some scarring and skin discoloration. Age spots, sun damage, acne scars, rough skin texture, uneven skin tone, Melasma and other skin conditions may be treatable using this laser procedure.

Before the treatment begins, the technician performing the procedure will cleanse the patient's skin. A topical anesthetic may also be applied on the treatment area. To apply the laser treatment, the technician passes the handheld device over the treatment area. The procedure takes about 30 minutes to complete, although this may vary slightly. After the treatment, the technician will advise the patient regarding which sunscreens and moisturizers they should use to promote healing and to protect their skin. It may take several sessions?about 3 to 5 sessions for most patients?before optimal results may be reached.

While some redness or swelling may be present following treatment, patients are usually able to return to work or their normal daily activities after treatment. Fraxel re:store has helped patients in Houston and nearby areas to achieve an improved texture and tone of skin, while also enhancing their skin's overall appearance thanks to the collagen production that is often achieved through the laser used in Fraxel re:store.

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