Get Rid of Blemishes on the Skin with Microdermabrasion

Some may say that microdermabrasion is only a light dermabrasion treatment. Whereas dermabrasion patients may experience prolonged recovery times, microdermabrasion has allowed many patients to receive treatment on their lunch break from work and return to work shortly thereafter. In Covington, Louisiana, patients have discovered the benefits that this procedure may offer. Microdermabrasion may be used to treat acne or an uneven skin color and has been used to improve skin texture. Many patients report that makeup is applied much more smoothly following microdermabrasion.

While scientific evidence does not exist supporting the idea that microdermabrasion improves the skin's appearance, many patients say that their skin feels smoother after treatment. This procedure has been used as a skin rejuvenation procedure as well. Patients interested in microdermabrasion should speak with a medical professional regarding the possible benefits of this procedure. Patients interested in microdermabrasion may also consider dermabrasion, although this is a more invasive procedure.

What attracts many patients to microdermabrasion is the minimally invasive nature of the treatment. The procedure is painless and recovery time following treatment is virtually nonexistent. Some patients may use this treatment in conjunction with other treatments such as chemical peels. Patients are advised to speak with a medical professional before combining any two treatments.

This procedure is performed by propelling aluminum oxide crystals towards the skin. These crystals are immediately removed using a suction device. This is a very light ablating of the skin and does not produce the same results as dermabrasion. Whereas microdermabrasion may be used to treat acne, skin discoloration or to improve skin texture, dermabrasion's possible benefits stretch much further. Dermabrasion may be used to treat photoaging, wrinkles, scarring, acne and precancerous lesions. Patients should speak with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in Covington to discuss their cosmetic goals. This will help the medical professional make a recommendation as to which treatment may provide the best benefits.

Some patients report that microdermabrasion feels similar to an emery board being scrapped across the skin, while others report it feels similar to a facial massage. The treatment takes anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes, depending on which area is being treated. The short time it takes to be performed and the lack of recovery time required is what leads to it being called a 'lunch time procedure'.

It may take 5 to 9 treatments before patients reach optimal results. The treatments may be spread about a week apart and many patients require retreatment to maintain the effects of microdermabrasion. The results last a few months in most cases, although this may vary.

While there are no inherent risks associated with this procedure, patients may experience facial redness for about an hour after the treatment is performed. Patients with further questions about microdermabrasion should discuss the procedure in depth with a medical professional at a reputable clinic. This will allow the medical professional to provide answers to the patient's questions and address any concerns the patient may have prior to treatment.

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