Photodynamic Therapy: A Versatile Cosmetic Enhancement Treatment

Interestingly, photodynamic therapy was first introduced as a treatment for skin cancer. It later expanded to include several types of cancer like lung cancer and colon cancer, but more recently has been used as a cosmetic treatment. Patients in Shelby Township, Michigan who are interested in receiving treatment for wrinkles, fine lines, discoloration, photorejuvenation, acne and visible veins should speak with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in their area regarding this treatment. Many patients have found success in varying facets of medicine thanks to the versatile nature of photodynamic therapy.

This treatment uses a special chemical called a photosensitizer and a light source to achieve results. The photosensitizer is applied to the patient's face and then exposed to a light source. Certain skin cells, oil glands and other structures absorb the chemical and are then destroyed when they are exposed to the light due to a reaction caused by the light. The same principle is used when treating cancer as well. The photosensitizer is absorbed by a certain type of cells and then a light source is used to cause the same reaction, destroying the cells. Patients interested in the possible benefits of photodynamic therapy in terms of cancer treatment should speak with a medical professional specializing in the treatment of cancer. Patients interested in photodynamic therapy as a cosmetic treatment should speak to a medical professional offering cosmetic improvements.

There are different types of light that may be used by different doctors. Blue light, red light and intense pulse light are among the options physicians may have when administering treatment. Patients may wish to speak with their doctor regarding which light source they are using and why. The photosensitizer is applied to the face and left to sit for a certain length of time before the light source is applied.

Possible side effects of photodynamic therapy may include temporary burning, stinging, swelling and redness. These side effects may depend on the area being treated, how long the photosensitizer is left on and which light source is used. For this reason, it is important to discuss side effects and all of these variable factors with a medical professional prior to receiving treatment. This may lead to a better understanding of this treatment and, in some cases, greater success rates.

This treatment may be less painful and destructive than other facial rejuvenation procedures. Certain deep peels and laser treatments may cause a great deal of damage to the skin and may require a significant period of recovery. Photodynamic therapy requires only a minimal recovery time compared to some other treatments. This treatment may also be effective in treating precancerous lesions. Patients should discuss the possible role that photodynamic therapy may play in the prevention of skin cancer.

Photodynamic therapy is a new procedure and the long term side effects have not been thoroughly studied. The benefits have not been thoroughly studied either and it is not yet clear how long the benefits of this treatment may last. Patients should speak with a medical professional in the Shelby Township area for more information regarding possible side effects and benefits of this procedure. Patients should also have any lingering questions answered and concerns addressed to boost their understanding of this procedure and other similar treatments.

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