Acne Scarring: How Does it Happen?

When a person has a pimple, there are a few different ways that they might deal with it. First of all, if the person happens to be a woman, she might try to hide the pimple with makeup. Or, a person will try various over-th counter products.

However, the worst thing to do (and consequently what many people up doing anyway) is trying to dig the pimple out, which will lead to acne scarring. Indeed, acne scarring can be very difficult to deal with. Although most apparent on the face, it can also appear anywhere else on the body.

How does acne scarring occur through digging at pimples? Think of the skin as a network of layers. On the topmost layers, dirt clogs pores, and the body, in an effort to force the subsequent acne out, swells, thus causing a pimple. Yes, pimples are annoying, but they also need to be left alone. People who dig at their acne in an attempt to make it go away faster have dirt and bacteria under their nails. Even the cleanest people run the risk of transferring this dirt onto the pimple.

The skin tissue is damaged by both the digging, and the bacteria. The bacteria stop the pimple from healing properly, so the result is often pitted skin. The scars can also look like dark-colored stains, depending on the kind of acne that the person had. So, what can be done to treat acne scarring? The current most effective treatment involves lasers to stimulate blood flow, thereby repairing the skin tissue.

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