Age Spot Removal: What to Know

One of the things that people fear the most is the unknown. The unknown generally represents the future, and the future includes aging. Age comes in many different forms, and some people have an easier time with aging than others. This generally has to do with both attitude, as well as genetics.

For people that really have a problem with the signs of aging, age spot removal is always an option. Age spots are a normal part of aging, but they can often get quite large, and actually become disfiguring for some people. So, it is no wonder that age spot removal is a popular procedure.

Age spots usually occur in two different areas. The first of these areas is the forehead. If you happen to be a balding older man (or woman) the age spots will definitely become noticeable. Thus, if you fit into this category, you are definitely a prime candidate for age spot removal.

The second area in which age spots frequently appear is the hands. If you have a significant amount of age spots on your hands, and are very self-conscious about them, then you too are a good candidate for age spot removal. So, taking all of this into consideration, what kinds of procedures are available?

The first procedure that is available is in the form of laser treatments. The lasers target the affected areas, and use light to stimulate the pigment in the skin to even out the overall tone. The upside is that lasers are among the most effective ways to combat age spots. The downside is that the laser treatments can get expensive, and a series of treatments are needed.

Another procedure that is available is the photofacial. Much like the laser treatments, this treatment uses light to stimulate melanin production for an even skin tone. This procedure is also expensive, and will need to be done one every couple of months to achieve the best results.

If you have especially large and raised age spots, you have the option of having them frozen off. This is a simple outpatient procedure in which a solution in injected directly into the age spot to freeze it and make it numb. The age spot might need to be removed by surgical means after that, but ideally it should just dry up and fall off.

Something that you will need to keep in mind is the fact that your age spots might actually be an indication of a problem more serious than aging – skin cancer. Many people wrongly mistake a large, uneven, discolored mole for an age spot, and don't do anything about it until it requires serious medical attention. So, as you notice your skin developing irregularities, make sure you go see your dermatologist.

Speaking of dermatologists, it is very important that, if you are a good candidate for an age spot procedure, you only go to the best dermatologist available in your area. Make sure the dermatologist in question is fully certified. It will take research, but your skin will thank you for it!

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