Are You a Good Candidate for a Foto Facial?

The skin really is an interesting thing anatomically. Its pores allow it to breathe in various aspects of the environment, but at the same time it also shields the bones and internal organs from the elements. It stretches to accommodate pregnancy and weight gain, and secretes a natural serum to help it when it has suffered an injury.

With skin being as helpful as it is to the human body, then it is important that when various skin irregularities happen, a person considers getting various kinds of treatments such as a foto facial. This is a procedure in which intense pulsations of light are directed at the skin in order to rejuvenate the skin.

The kinds of people who could benefit from a foto facial procedure are people who have broken capillaries, irregular skin pigmentation in the form of flushing, and large pores, among other things. A foto facial is usually done in the office of a dermatologist, but it can also often be done as part of a specialized spa package.

What the light pulsations basically do is stimulate the amount of blood flow in the affected area. Thus, healthy skin tissue will develop in place of the damaged skin tissue. A foto facial takes, on average, about a half hour to complete. It is important to note that for optimal results, the patient will need to have about four more treatments. After each treatment some flushing might occur, but the person will otherwise be able to resume regular activities.

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