Being a Cosmetic Dermatologist Can Get Stressful

Ever since you were old enough to talk, you knew one thing: you wanted to grow up and make lots of money. You were taught that there were basically three jobs that would allow that to happen. The first option was to become a movie star. Well, you never were one for acting, so that option was out. You could also become a lawyer. You're not interested in that at all, so that one was out.

Then, there was the option of becoming a doctor, and that's when you got the idea to become a cosmetic dermatologist. In high school, you suffered from horrible acne. Although you tried every over-the counter acne medication available, nothing seemed to work. You used to glare at the "popular" people who had flawless skin. They certainly would never need a cosmetic dermatologist.

However, you had to see a cosmetic dermatologist so that you could finally get rid of the acne that was scarring your skin and scarring your self esteem. A few weeks and laser treatments later, and your skin was as flawless as any of the other popular people. You nearly cried when you realized that you didn't even need concealer anymore.

Now, you're getting ready to apply for college, and becoming a cosmetic dermatologist is more than just about making lots of money. Rather, it has a lot to do with being compassionate enough to help people thanks to the advancement of medical technology. Plus, when a teenager comes into your office with acne, you'll certainly be able to relate.

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