Can Cosmetic Dermatology Really Combat Wrinkles?

Aging is something that is completely natural, and some people proudly show off their wrinkles. However, some people are afraid of getting old, especially when, in the case of people who are always being seen by the public, it does not look appealing on camera.

This is where various cosmetic dermatology procedures come in, specifically in the form of various dermal fillers. In order to understand how the dermal fillers in cosmetic dermatology came to be, it is important to understand what causes wrinkles in the first place.

When a person is born, he or she has a lot of Hyaluronic acid in their skin. This is a natural substance that serves as a cushion for the skin. Over time, things like smoking and sun damage can lead to premature aging in the form of excess wrinkles. Although various

Cosmetic dermatology developed various dermal fillers to replace the Hyaluronic acid in the skin. These procedures involve giving the patient injections into their most problematic wrinkles. Many patients see results almost immediately, but more pronounced results are not seen for a couple of weeks.

It is important to note that while cosmetic dermatology does, of course, include Botox cosmetic injections, they are not dermal fillers of Hyaluronic acid. Rather, these injections contain a synthetic substance that produces instant filling in of wrinkles. While Botox can be done in one session, it is important to note that it usually takes a couple of sessions of dermal filler injections in order to see optimal results.

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