Can Laser Treatments Really Erase the Affects of Sun Damage?

When people go on vacation, there are some things that are standard. Some people like to go sightseeing, while others like to lie on a beach and get lots of sun. Tans have always (even though they can also be gotten via a tanning bed of course) been associated with travel. Plus, they make the skin look more toned.

However, as fun as getting a tan can be, it can also result in skin damage that might require various corrective procedures such as Fraxel. In order to understand how procedures such as Fraxel work, it is important to understand how irregular skin pigmentation is the main result of sun damage.

When the skin is repeatedly subjected to the sun, it is contingently exposed to ultraviolet rays. In turn, these rays activate the production of melanin in the skin in order to protect it. However, this excess melanin surfaces on the top layers of the skin, therefore causing the irregular pigmentation.

Fraxel is a laser procedure in which very small sections of the skin are repaired at a time to restore the skin to a consistent pigmentation. Specifically, the heat of the Fraxel laser destroys the skin molecules that have become saturated with melanin, and the light of the laser stimulates new skin tissue through increased blood flow. This kind of procedure is performed in an outpatient facility by a certified dermatologist. The procedure itself takes about a half hour to complete. Several sessions will have to be done for optimal results.

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