Can Wrinkles and Fine Lines Really be Filled in?

There are many people who dislike having to look at their facial fine lines and wrinkles on a regular basis. Although fine lines and wrinkles are caused by the natural depletions of old age that come along with aging, they can also be caused by sun exposure. Regardless of how they are caused, it is important to note that there are various medical treatments that are available to help get rid of them.

An example of such a medical treatment is known as Radiesse. The goal of Radiesse is to inject microspheres that are suspended in a special gel directly into the fine lines and wrinkles that surround the mouth and the nose. Specifically, the microspheres work together to build a support system underneath the upper layers of the skin. At the same time, natural production of collagen in the skin is stimulated.

People who are interested in possibly having Radiesse done are obviously concerned with how safe the injected substance is. All of the doctors who perform this procedure had to first be specially trained and certified to give these injections. Additionally, this procedure is approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

Something else that prospective patients wonder about this procedure is whether or not they will be considered suitable candidates. Only the doctor administering the injections will be able to tell the patient for sure, but generally speaking, the right candidate is a person who has moderate (but not severe) fine lines and wrinkles around their nose and mouth.

The Radiesse procedure itself is very straightforward. It takes place in an outpatient facility (such as the office of the doctor who is giving the injections). The patient should arrive to the procedure with a clean face. Guys, this means that you should not be wearing things like aftershave. Ladies, this means that you should not be wearing any makeup. The face will probably be cleaned again with an antiseptic, a local anesthetic will be administered, and the injections will be given.

After the injections have been administered, the patient might experience a bit of swelling, but that is usually the extent of the side effects. Because of the minimally invasive nature of the injections, most patient do not need any recuperation time.

Of course, the most frequently question that prospective patients have is in regard to how soon they will actually be able to see results. Some patients think that they see results as soon as they are given the injections. However, what they are actually seeing is the initial swelling, and t is important for the patient to know that results are usually seen immediately after the swelling has gone down, which is within a day or two.

How long do these injections last? The duration of the injections depends on the individual skin type of the patient, as well as how much correction had to be done. The results usually last for about a year. Once the patient starts noticing that the results are wearing off, he or she can have the treatment done again to restore the original results.

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