Choosing a Skin Care Regimen That Actually Works

When you're a teenage girl, you always focus on how you look. You have to have the right outfit, the right hairstyle, the right complexion…basically, the right everything. Something that has seemed to elude the teenage girl for eons now is the fact that no one is perfect. However, teenage girls certainly get an A for effort!

Aside from hair and wardrobe, the thing that girls spend the most time on is skin care. If you were ever a teenage girl (which would be especially interesting if you're a man reading this) no doubt you spent at least some of your time trying to get rid of your acne with the right skin care regimen.

Walk into any supermarket or drugstore, and you'll find an entire aisle dedicated to skin care. There are lotions, face masques, and creams all over the place. The only problem is trying to figure out which one actually works, because some of them are just generic brands that don't do much more than make your skin smell pretty.

If you happen to have horrendous acne, you want to look for something that has salicylic acid in it. Yes, it sounds scary, but that's the stuff that does wonders for skin care. Those zits you have are caused by bacteria in your epidermal layers. The salicylic acid kills that bacteria, effectively drying out the zit. Of course, one thing that you should always do is wash your face in the morning and at night, because a dirty face equals a messy complexion.

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