Fighting Wrinkles with a Botox Cosmetic Injection

Aging is a natural process in life, but it's a process that most people aren't too thrilled with, nevertheless. So, these people do whatever they can to maintain the clear, wrinkle-free skin of their youth. It's really amazing what a little surgery and hair dye can do for some people!

A Botox cosmetic injection is the most popular form of surgery for people who want to erase wrinkles and effectively turn back the clock. Getting a Botox cosmetic injection is often associated with Hollywood celebrities, because they certainly don't want the cameras to pick up on the fact that they aren't invincible to aging.

Getting a Botox cosmetic injection is as easy as getting a shot. Botox, also known as Botulinum Toxin A, is a muscle relaxer, rather than a silicone injection (which many people seem to think it is). Botox has actually been used to treat various neurological disorders, and the Botox cosmetic injection is FDA approved.

The procedure itself is favored because of its simplicity and immediate results. You can feasibly walk into a certified doctor's office, have the procedure done during your lunch hour, and come out with far less wrinkles! However, that doesn't mean that there won't be side effects for some people.

The most common side effects that have been reported have been in direct relation to the Botox itself. These reactions usually involve some sort of temporary swelling, but Botox has been known to cause flu-like symptoms as well. People with neurological disorders and cardiovascular disease shouldn't undergo this kind of procedure without first consulting their primary care physician.

For some people, getting a Botox shot seems like a miracle sure for wrinkles. However, it's important to mention that the Botox doesn't last forever, and to maintain a desired look, the injections should be gotten 3 to 4 times a year. Then of course, there is the cost. Since Botox falls under the category of being used for cosmetic means, your health insurance probably won't pay for the procedure. Thus, you had better have some money saved up, because the average cost (per injection) is $500.00. People usually want the injections in several different areas of their face, and if you do too, then be prepared to shell out a couple thousand dollars at a time.

Which areas are the injections most suitable for? Well, first of all there are the lines on either side of your face that run from the corner of your mouth diagonally up to the bridge of your nose. These lines are referred to as "smile lines", and Botox does wonders for those.

Then there are the lines that run horizontally across your forehead. Some people refer to those as being "frown lines". Botox applied to this area indicates the most dramatic results. So, if you're interested in having Botox done, you'll need to find an excellent doctor who is certified in giving these injections and can complete the procedure efficiently and safely. After all, if you have to pay this much money, the results had better be worth it!

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