Finding Out About Blue Light Acne Treatment

When a person has a myriad of pimples, all they would like to do is get clear skin again. There are a variety of different reasons why pimples happen, some of which have to do with hormones, others because of dietary issues.

So, when a person finds themselves in such a skin care predicament, it is important that they seek out ways to combat the acne, and one of those ways includes blue light acne treatment. In order to understand what blue light acne treatment really is, it is important to first gain more of an understanding as to the anatomy of a pimple.

The skin is actually composed of various layers, and within those layers there are pores. The pores help the skin to breathe. However, sometimes those pores become clogged because of dirt. The result is a small skin infection that causes a pimple. This is where the blue light acne treatment comes in.

Blue light acne treatment can be performed in the office of a dermatologist, but it can also be performed at a spa as part of an overall facial treatment. What happens is that the blue light is filtered through a wand, and that wand is lightly waved over the face. The goal of the blue light is to increase blood flow. This increased blood flow means that the skin tissue will be able to repair itself faster. The blue light also is meant to improve the overall skin pigmentation, and the skin will noticeably improve within a couple of treatments.

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