Finding Out How Injections Can Eliminate Excess Fat

Something that frustrated many people is their inability to lose a few stubborn extra pounds. Because of various genetic predispositions, there are several areas where fat tends to accumulate the most. These areas include anywhere on the torso, as well as the thighs and upper arms.

However, medical technology has now advanced to such a point where procedures such as lipodissolve injections have been devised to help people get rid of their excess fat. The ideal candidate for this kind of procedure is someone who is already within ten to twenty pounds of their goal weight, and despite diligent diet and exercise has not been able to get rid of fat that is all to visible in certain areas.

In order to understand why some people are electing to get lipodissolve, it is first important to gain a better understanding of how fat accumulates in the first place. Although some people have a body makeup that is has a predisposition to accumulating fat, the main reason for fat accumulation is, of course, a diet that is rich in fat.

Unfortunately, it always seems that the food that tastes the best is what is the worst for the body. Foods like French fries and doughnuts are all extremely high in fat. The more a person eats those kinds of foods, the more weight he or she will gain. The body can only process so much of the fat content of these foods before fat molecules start to build up over time. These molecules build up under the upper skin layers, and once they are there, they can be very difficult to remove.

This is why some people have turned to procedures such as lipodissolve. This procedure is minimally invasive, in that it involves administering injections into the fat layers that are meant to dissolve those annoying fat molecules. Something that many prospective patients are probably curious to know is in regard to how long lipodissolve results last overall.

The results will actually be permanent in the injection areas overall. This means that if the patient does have a tendency to gain weight back, it will not be gained in the areas where they had the injections done. As for when the overall results will become visible, although some fat loss might be noticeable immediately following the procedure, it will take, on average, four to seven weeks after the initial procedure before the results will start really becoming noticeable.

Usually, patients only feel minimal pain or discomfort during the procedure. Instead of a topical anesthetic, a specialized machine will blow cold air on the skin as a numbing agent. Because this procedure is as minimally invasive as it is, it is more versatile in terms of the areas that it is able to treat. For example, doctors who specialize in the musculature of the eyes might offer this kind of procedure to reduce under eye fat. It is important to note that this procedure will need to be done more than once to achieve optimal results.

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