Historical Figures who Could Have Benefitted From Lipodissolve

It's true – Americans these days are fatter than they ever have been before. You might wonder why this is true, since there have been lots of stories about historical figures that are portly. Well, you need to notice that these people had considerably more money than everyone else, and thus didn't have to work hard in the fields, or wherever. Plus, they could eat whatever they wanted. Nowadays, there are lots of inexpensive treats that are filled with sugar and fat that people can get their hands (and mouths) on.

Indeed, there are many people in history who could have really used the latest technology – lipodissolve. When you hear the word "lipodissolve" you probably assume that it is some kind of liposuction. Well, it is and it isn't. Rather, it is a procedure that involves injecting a chemical into the fat zone (usually the midsection) and allowing the fat to dissolve.

So, why would historical figures of the past really have benefitted from lipodissolve? Because this procedure is minimally invasive and the recovery time is short. Take, for example, William the Conqueror. Now, this guy was so fat by the time he died, that he literally had to be hammered into his coffin because he was too wide for it. A little lipodissolve during his life could have allowed him to lose weight, and give him more energy to conquer more things!

Well, some people might point out that this procedure would actually not be very beneficial, because the fat is dissolved, but ends up going somewhere else – where, nobody knows yet. Plus, it would have to be done again every few months, to keep up the results. This actually would be no problem for the majority of famous historical figures, because they would definitely have enough money to get it done.

Probably one of the more disgusting examples of a historical figure that could have really, really used this procedure, was King Henry VIII. It's kind of sad to note that Henry was actually a very athletic and fit guy before he suffered a leg injury. Of course, medicine was pretty archaic back in the 1500s, so that injury became an ulcerated mess that didn't allow him to move around much. Things went downhill for Henry from there, and it got to the point where he had to be lifted out of bed and a horse by a complex pulley system.

So, there are indeed lots of risks to melting away fat, but there's one historical figure that not only could have benefitted from the procedure, but also have made it safer – Benjamin Franklin! Now, it's pretty clear that obesity didn't really harm him, since he died in his mid-eighties. But, ever the womanizer, he probably would have tried the procedure out to minimize his girth. As an inventor, he would have probably experimented with a bunch of natural compounds to figure out what worked best, too. However, regardless of a person's status in history, there is something that people can do today to fight obesity – eat right and exercise!

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