How a Facial Chemical Peel Works

When a person looks in the mirror, it is very important that they like the skin that they see. There are many people who, unfortunately, are not happy with the way that their skin looks, and their self-esteem suffers because of it.

However, the field of dermatology has advanced to such a point where procedures such as a facial chemical peel can help people with skin problems get their self-esteem back. A facial chemical peel is used for two main reasons: Acne, and wrinkles.

When a person has acne, a small infection forms below the surface of the skin, but still within the upper layers of skin tissue. Various procedures such as a facial chemical peel are meant to get rid of the old, damaged tissue, and promote the growth of new tissue. This is also true of those who have lost natural elasticity in the upper epidermal layers and have developed wrinkles.

A facial chemical peel takes place in the dermatologist's office. The patient will be seated in a reclining dentist's-type chair, and a solution will be placed onto the patient's face (the patient will also be wearing protective eyewear. The solution is meant to dissolve the upper layers of skin, revealing the new skin that is underneath.

Generally, a facial chemical peel will need to be done in a couple of sessions to obtain the best results. However, for safety's sake, the skin will need to be able to rest for awhile between each session. Thus, a patient will need to have patience with this dermatological process.

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