How is a FotoFacial Supposed to Work?

When a person is interested in improving the overall condition of their skin, there are a few things that he or she can do. The first thing that many people try is various over the counter products. These products usually come in the form of creams or face masks. However, medical technology has continually advanced over the years, offering more ways for a person to get better skin.

An example of a treatment that has been devised during these medical technology advances is the FotoFacial. In order to understand how a FotoFacial works, it is very important that a person has a basic understanding of how light can improve the skin. Specifically, during a FotoFacial, the specialist doing the treatment will use a handheld device to administer quick, yet intense, pulsations of light to the upper layers of the skin. Two of the main skin conditions that a FotoFacial treats are large pores, as well as irregular pigmentation.

In the case of large pores, the heat of the light works to eradicate the dirt and bacteria that has accumulated in the pores to make then so large in the first place. When it comes to treating irregular pigmentation, the heat of the light works to break apart the melanin molecules, while the actual light itself stimulates circulation to grow new healthy tissue to even out pigmentation. It is important to note that although results might start to be seen after the first treatment, optimal results will require several treatment sessions.

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