Laser Acne Removal: Conquering One Zit at a Time

Skin is really a person's canvas, in that the skin reveals part of the personality. For example, people who are artsy love to adorn their skin with body art. People who like to look glamorous try to keep their skin as smooth as possible.

So, it only makes sense that people who are ashamed of their skin seek to improve it with laser acne removal. Generally, laser acne removal is reserved for people who haven't had much luck with the over-the-counter creams and lotions that are available.

You thought that your acne days were supposed to be behind you as soon as your age dropped the "teen" ending. However, here you are, in your mid-thirties and you still have to deal with acne. Okay, so it's not as bad as it used to be, but you still have to use a bit more foundation makeup than you'd like.

You've tried literally every acne lotion and face mask in every store within a ten mile radius. Yes, you're that dedicated to having clear skin. Some of the remedies worked better than others. For example, you found that going to the beach and getting a tan cleared up your skin the fastest. It's too bad it's not a healthy solution.

However, you've done some research, and you've found out that laser acne removal is actually somewhat like getting a tan, only much healthier. Laser acne removal uses light to penetrate the upper epidermal layers. The light, since it is targeted at certain areas, actually acts as a purification agent, in which the bacteria and dirt that causes acne is banished.

You first heard of this kind of procedure in one of your beauty magazines. You usually don't pay attention to those sorts of things, but it caught your eye this time. It probably had something to do with the before and after pictures. The woman in the picture originally had the same kind of acne that you have, and the picture afterward showed wonderfully clear skin.

Alright, you admit that maybe the photographs were doctored a bit, but you're certain that you too can have clearer skin with some doctoring. So, you've decided to start a search for local doctors who perform this procedure.

You've asked amongst your friends as to whether or not anyone knows of any reputable doctors. One of your friend pipes up, telling you that the guy she's currently seeing (who she hasn't even mentioned until now – what a way to find out!) is a dermatologist, and can probably help.

You figure it's worth a try, and you make her promise to dump him if anything goes wrong in the procedure. You were kidding, but were still nervous – after all, what if the procedure doesn't work? However, you figure that you were just stressed out, and stress certainly isn't good for zits. The consultation went well, and you have to admit, he's pretty darn cute too. You feel certain that this time, you're on your way to clear skin!

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