Lipo-Dissolve: Should You Get it?

You come from a family that prides itself on not having to have any, well, "work" done on themselves. It's not that you come from a family of models. Oh no, quite the contrary. You just happen to come from a family that has absolutely no interest in looking like anything other than what they are. They have made an art of out "letting it all hang out".

Well, you don't want to be like your family, and are thinking of getting lipo-dissolve. You saw an advertisement for it in on one of the Internet sites you were looking at, and it intrigued you. After some more research, you found out that lipo-dissolve is a process that, rather than sucking the fat out, injects a chemical into your epidermal layers to dissolve it.

You're not too sure about this chemical thing they mention in the lipo-dissolve process. After all, aren't chemicals usually really bad for you? But, when you see that lipo-dissolve can get rid of love handles, cellulite, and stretch marks among a long list of other things, you decide that it's probably worth it!

During lunch with a co-worker, you discuss your plans to undergo the procedure. Your co-worker wonders how you'll be able to ask for the time off. You say that's the best part – you don't need any time off, it can be done during your lunch hour! Your co-worker seems intrigued, and pretty soon the whole office is talking about getting the procedure done!

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