No More Sun for You: Fraxel

You admit it, you love to tan – not in those silly tanning booths, mind you, but right directly in the path of the sun's harmful, yet glorious, rays. You have even been known to take a large piece of shiny metal with you to the beach to harness the reflective powers of the sun. You have to keep telling people that no, you're not trying to build a spaceship.

Well, now your skin is showing the effects of your hard work, and it's time for Fraxel. Oh yes, your skin, once smooth and brown, now closer resembles a weathered old boot. Your skin is mottled with the effects of too much sun, and now Fraxel will hopefully turn back time.

So, you've done some research, and found a cosmetic surgeon that will do the Fraxel procedure. You know that your skin isn't in the best shape, but still, does the surgeon have to tsk-tsk so much? You proudly exclaim that you're happy you've found Fraxel, because now you'll be able to fix your skin and head right back to the beach.

Your surgeon tells you that oh no, you most definitely won't. Once you have this procedure done, you're not going to screw up your skin any longer – you're staying out of the sun for good. You meekly ask if you wouldn't at least be able to tan, for an hour a day? Just one hour? That's a fraction of the time you spent outside before! No, no, and no. You had better get used to SPF and sunhats.

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