Scultpra: Giving People Hope

Unfortunately, HIV is something that millions of people around the world are infected with. A common misconception is that it can only be gotten through unprotected sex or drug use. In reality, HIV has infected rape victims, and even some people who have gotten blood transfusions.

HIV obviously makes a person look less than their best, and this is where sculptra helps. Since HIV attacks the immune system, the body ends up losing weight at a rapid speed. The body's metabolism feebly attempts to compensate for the weight loss, but the body becomes thin – especially the face.

For people who want to reverse the ravages of HIV, Sculptra is usually the best choice for a more natural appearance. Specifically, Sculptra injects a fat-like solution between the upper and lower layers of the skin, so that a once gaunt face looks healthy.

So, why is Sculptra a better alternative than Botox for people infected with HIV? It's because it consists of a different chemical compound that reacts with body chemistry better. In fact, this process is FDA approved for those suffering from HIV.

If you are a person who is suffering from HIV, and you'd like to look healthy again, make an appointment for a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon. Your candidacy for the procedure will depend on how advanced the HIV is, as well as other things. This reconstructive procedure, while often in the form of injections, can also be done as an implant, and the recovery time is minimal.

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