The Origins of Mild Rosacea

When a person has a certain kind of skin abnormality, the person usually seeks to have it treated as soon as possible. However, before a treatment take place, the origins of the skin abnormality need to be discerned. There are many different kinds of skin conditions in existence, and a few of these have been plagued by misinformation as to what their origins really are.

An example of a skin condition that is misunderstood is mild rosacea. Many people assume that this skin condition is caused by excessive drinking. Actually such a flush in the face is caused by the high blood pressure that drinking incites. That being said, mild rosacea is a form of skin flushing, and it primarily is found on the nose and the cheeks.

Specifically, the flushing color that is associated with mild rosacea is caused by broken or irritated blood vessels in the skin. There is no one main cause of mild rosacea, but it is thought that people with especially fair skin (such as people who are descended from Eastern Europe) are far more likely to develop this skin condition.

As for how this skin condition can be treated, it really has to do with the severity of the condition. In the milder forms of this condition, it is thought that staying out of the sun and away from severe wind can return the skin back to normal as could changes in diet. The right treatment method will be determined during a consultation with a dermatologist.

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