The Various Causes of Acne Scars

It does not mater what age a person is, when they have pimples, their main goal is to get rid of them. That is why the cosmetic industry is as successful as it is. There are many different causes of pimples, some being because of hormones, while others have to do with cleanliness factors.

The key is to treat the acne, but to do it in such as way that no acne scars are left. There are many people who, unfortunately, have had to deal with acne scars. If you have not gotten these kinds of scars yourself, then you have probably at least seen someone who has. While they are most prevalent on the face, they can actually show up on any part of the body.

So, what causes acne scars in the first place? First of all, when a person wants to get rid of particularly stubborn acne, they often go to a drugstore and get various acne products. They need to be very careful in choosing these products, because some are so strong in Salicylic acid that they can literally burn the skin, which in turn leaves scars.

Of course, acne scars can also be obtained when a person tries to dig out or pop their acne. The bacteria that is in the person's hands will thus be transmitted to the site of the acne. The infection will then not be able to be healed as efficiently. So, the skin tissue ends up healing around the affected area. People who have particularly bad acne should thus consult a dermatologist for additional advice.

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