Ways That an Acne Scar Can be Treated

No one likes to get a pimple on their face. Yes indeed, a pimple is decidedly ugly. Unfortunately for teenagers and for adults, pimples happen. The first instinct is to do whatever they can to get rid of that pimple, and so they start to pick at it.

Well, all of that picking will be for naught once the person finds out that it can cause an acne scar. No matter how clean the hands of a person are, they still carry germs on them, especially under the nails. When a person picks at their pimple, which is already a small infection, it adds further bacteria to it. This does not allow the skin to heal properly, and that is how an acne scar happens.

For those people who already have an acne scar or two, there are several different kinds of dermatological procedures that can be done. One of these is a facial chemical peel, which can be done provided that the acne scar is not too deep. This procedure takes off the uppermost layers of the skin, revealing the underlying healthy skin tissue.

Something else that a dermatologist can do if the scar itself has a tendency to be pitted is to inject the area with a dermal filler. This will fill out the scar, thus eliminating its appearance. Yet another alternative is to have laser therapy, which increases blood blow to improve the skin tissue. For more treatment options, it is important for the prospective patient to speak with a dermatologist.

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