What Exactly Are Age Spots?

Lifestyle has a significant impact on the appearance of a person. A person who eats all the wrong foods, likes to stay on in the sun, and does not exercise looks far different from a person who is very health-conscious. The same can be said of how a person treats their skin.

An elderly person is usually immediately recognizable by the abundance of wrinkles and age spots on their face and hands. However, it is very important to note that sometimes, lifestyle preference have very little to do with the appearance of an elderly person's skin. In these cases, it has more to do with a variety of genetic predispositions.

Age spots are something that many people – especially women – try to avoid. They are characterized by bunches of freckle-like or mole-like skin irregularities. Sometimes, the cause of age spots has to do with a vitamin deficiency. In such an instance, it is important for a person to start eating healthier – especially including foods that are rich in Vitamin D within their diet.

A person does not actually have to be considered old for the person to have age spots. This is especially in the case of those people who like to stay out in the sun a lot. As a form of protection, the skin will start producing excess amounts of melanin, which results in the skin irregularities. In order to have the age spots removed, the person in question will have to consult with a dermatologist for treatment methods.

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