What Kinds of Skin Problems Does a FotoFacial Treat?

When you look at your face in the mirror, chances are that you are keenly aware of the various kinds of things that might appear irregular on your skin. Take, for example, the observation of large pores. Large pores usually become clogged, since they are that much more susceptible to oil and dirt.

This is just one kind of skin problem that people elect to get a FotoFacial for. A FotoFacial is a procedure that uses pulsations of light not just to treat large pores, but also things like hyperpigmentation. This is a skin condition that is usually caused by too much direct exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun.

So, how does a FotoFacial session work? First, the patient is positioned in a comfortable reclining chair. Next, the nurse who is administering the FotoFacial will cleanse the skin to make sure that is free of any makeup. The nurse will then use a handheld device to deliver the pulses of light to the skin.

Specifically, the light pulsations stimulate the blood flow in the skin. This increased blood flow does a lot in terms of helping the skin to regain even pigmentation, while at the same time increasing the production of healthy skin tissue.

Those who have this procedure done are usually curious to find out how soon they will start to see results. Although results can be seen within a couple of days after the procedure, it takes several sessions before the skin of a person obtains an optimal look.

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