When is Laser Acne Removal a Good Choice?

Pimples are something that most everyone has to deal with at some point in their lives. In fact, even babies have a tendency to get pimples if the are being breastfed, because they end up getting some of the hormones of the mother in their milk. Pimples most prevalently happen during the teenage years, but they can also occur n adulthood.

Since no one likes to have pimples, there are various cosmetic procedures that have been designed, such as laser acne removal, to treat pimples effectively. In order to understand how a procedure such as laser acne removal works, it is important to first understand the main causes of acne itself.

Acne is caused when the pores in the skin become clogged by dirt and oil. The dirt itself can come from actual environmental factors that the skin comes in contact with on a regular basis, but the oil can be caused by excretions caused by the sebaceous glands. What results is a mild skin infection, which causes the acne, and this is where laser acne removal can be of help.

So, how does laser acne removal actually work? Using a special laser device, the dermatologist will direct laser pulsations into the affected area. The heat of the laser will attack the skin infection and eradicate the damaged skin cells, while the light of the laser will stimulate growth of new skin tissue. In order for the skin to properly heal, the removal process will need to be done gradually, over several sessions.

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