Why You've Decided to Get a Facial Chemical Peel

Youth is ebbing away from you, and you're reminded of that fact each time you look in the mirror. You're really not pleased at how much you've aged over the years. After all, you try to avoid stress, and you maintain a healthy diet, you guess it just must have something to do with genetics.

You're hoping genetics will get a real kick in the butt when you get your facial chemical peel. You wonder why your genes haven't been kind to you. Why does your older brother look like he's 30, when he's actually 50? Well, he'll definitely have some competition after you get that facial chemical peel.

You made the decision to get a facial chemical peel a couple of weeks ago, when you saw a documentary on cosmetic surgery. True, you were pretty grossed out when you learned that a facial chemical peel involves having the top layer of skin peeled off, but you were really impressed with how the people who had it done looked afterwards.

The only thing you're going to have to work on is your pain tolerance threshold. There's no way around it – this procedure is going to hurt. This doesn't bode well, as you're not anesthetized during the procedure. In fact, you're wide awake, and fully able to scream.

Now you're letting your imagination run away with you. Your friend had it done, and said that it's really just a matter of sitting there while a solution is applied to your face. She said that the solution dissolves the top layer of the skin slowly, and you feel a slight burning and tingling sensation.

Oh yes, you remember that conversation well. It had all come about when you noticed how great your friend looked after a recent vacation from work. She had gotten more than just a tan – there was a youthfulness about her that wasn't there before. Well, darn it, now it's time for you to get that youthfulness too!

You also remember asking her how she looks immediately following the procedure. She said that she rather resembled a tomato, but the redness and slight swelling went away after a couple of days. You have since made a mental note to make sure you go grocery shopping before the procedure.

Then you wondered about the cost. If your friend had it done (and she obviously has less money than you do) then you shouldn't have a problem. But still, you want to know how much you're going to have to pay. You find out from the cosmetic surgeon that you've chosen, that the cost is reasonable, thank goodness.

Now it's time just to focus on the excitement that you're feeling as the date of the procedure gets closer. You can't wait to get rid of that annoying freckle on the side of your face, as well as the wrinkles that have formed at the corners of your mouth. Oh yes, now you feel sure that you will definitely conquer genetics. Take that, annoying foe!

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