Four Popular Skin Rejuvenation Treatments

In Chesterfield, Missouri, patients often find themselves facing an abundance of options when in the market for skin rejuvenation techniques. Patients will have several options when seeking treatment, and are advised to speak to their doctor about all possible options before choosing any procedure. Patients should also be aware that some combination of treatments may be used in certain cases. A cosmetic physician will help the patient sort through the treatments and decide which treatment or treatments will work best for their unique case.

Skin rejuvenation is meant to eliminate damage resulting from trauma, sun damage or aging. In cases where the elimination of such damage is not possible, a reduction of the effects of these factors is sought. These treatments often target wrinkles, fine lines and folds in the skin. They may also address age-related damage, damage from the sun and discoloration. To fully understand the capabilities of each treatment, patients should speak to a medical professional at a reliable clinic in the Chesterfield area.

While several treatments may be available as skin rejuvenation treatments, there are four that many point to as the most popular. The first, laser resurfacing, uses laser technology to achieve results. Controlled damage is achieved by applying laser energy to either the skin's surface or, in many cases, below the skin's surface. This treatment may be successful in treating wrinkles and fine lines, as well as age and sun spots. Some laser technicians may choose to use more than one type of laser energy in a session for a more comprehensive treatment. However, patients should discuss this with a laser technician or skincare professional beforehand.

Another popular choice patients have in skin rejuvenation is dermal fillers. These injectable gels and solutions fill wrinkles, fine lines, scars, folds and other depressions in the patient's skin. These fillers may consist of a variety of materials, some natural and some synthetic, and patients should discuss each with a cosmetic physician prior to receiving treatment. There may different types of collagen, fat and hyaluronic acid used in this treatment, and patients should seek information on each possibility. Allergy testing may be required depending on the type of filler used. This treatment may also be used to plump up the lips.

Chemical peels are another option for patients seeking skin rejuvenation. Like lasers, a controlled damage to the skin takes place in this treatment. Wrinkles, lines and sun and age damage are treated using chemical peels. The production of new collagen is also encouraged as a result of this treatment. Patients will decide which type of peel to undergo, as three general categories exist. The lightest peel may be obtained on a lunch hour, while the deepest peel may require a significant recovery period. Patients should discuss the benefits of each peel and determine which works best for them.

Dermabrasion is performed using mechanical tools that remove the upper layers of skin. Again, a controlled damage to the skin is accomplished using this treatment. New and fresh skin will take the place of the old skin as the healing process progresses following treatment. Microdermabrasion is similar to dermabrasion in that it treats the upper layers of skin, but microdermabrasion is a gentler procedure. Dermabrasion may treat acne scars, wrinkles and age and sun damage. Patients should discuss both procedures with a medical professional to determine which conditions may be treated using each procedure.

As patients in Chesterfield, Missouri seek procedures to rejuvenate their skin, they should be aware of all of their options and thoroughly understand each treatment. Often times, the most successful patient is an informed patient, so obtaining further information from a medical professional in the field is highly recommended.

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