FotoFacial/IPL Treatments for the Signs of Aging

Facing the signs of aging may be a troubling prospect for individuals in Brooklyn, New York or in other areas of the country. Wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, age spots, etc. may make an individual feel aged and thus self-conscious in some cases. To combat this, various cosmetic treatments are available such as FotoFacial/IPL treatments. This is a treatment option that has helped patients overcome signs of aging, red complexion, acne scars, large pores and other cosmetic concerns. This treatment may also be referred to as photorejuvenation and has been used to help many patients achieve their cosmetic goals.

This is a non-ablative procedure, which means that it does not cause damage to the surface of the skin. The handheld device used with this procedure delivers high intensity pulses of broadband light to the skin rather than narrowband light as is common in laser procedures. The light is delivered to the dermis, which is the deeper layer of skin, leaving the epidermis, which is the superficial layer, untouched and unharmed. Depending on the particular goals of the patient, several different types of intense pulsed light may be used, each targeting different structures in the skin.

For instance, the PhotoDerm XL may treat vascular lesions like birth marks or spider veins; the PhotoDerm PL may treat pigmented lesions such as melasma or age spots; while the PhotoDerm HR and Epilight are used to target hair. The treatments help to stimulate the production of new collagen, which helps to provide relief from wrinkles and leaves the skin looking younger. There is almost no recovery time associated with this treatment due to the non-ablative nature of the treatment. Patients may apply makeup after the procedure and may return to work or other normal activities right after treatment.

The treatment requires just 30 to 45 minutes and causes just minimal pain. A larger area may be treated at one time using this treatment due to the broadband light compared to lasers that may treat a smaller area. One of the drawbacks of the non-ablative nature of FotoFacial/IPL treatment is that several treatments may be required before optimal results are realized. Some patients may require four to six sessions spaced about three weeks apart. There are certain side effects that have been associated with this treatment including transient redness and increased or decreased pigmentation in the treatment area. Patients may be encouraged to avoid sun exposure to help reduce these side effects.

Insurance typically will not cover this treatment as it is considered cosmetic and not a medical necessity. Speak with a specialist in Brooklyn as well as your insurance company for further information. Sessions vary on price depending on the area being treated, but may range between $350 and $600 per session.

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