Is a Blue Peel the Right Chemical Peel for You?

The signs of aging may be quite embarrassing for individuals in Mequon, Wisconsin or other parts of the country. Wrinkles, fine lines, sun damage, etc. may leave some individuals feeling self-conscious and scrambling for ways to overcome these cosmetic blemishes. Blue peels have successfully helped patients find relief from wrinkles and other signs of aging, while revitalizing the skin and improving the patient's complexion. They may not be used to treat dynamic wrinkles, however, which form over time when a facial expression is made. Examples of dynamic wrinkles include crow's feet, scowl lines or worry lines.

Blue peels are a medium chemical peel, lighter than the deepest peels but offering more dramatic results than light, superficial peels. TCA is used with this treatment, which is stronger than the chemicals used in most micro-peel options. As a result, while blue peels may offer greater results in improving the skin's texture or vitality, they may require a recovery period of a few days during which time the individual may have to stay home from work and avoid other social activities.

For a few days after the procedure, the skin may appear blue. After about four or five days, flaking and peeling may occur and eventually wrap up after about seven to nine days. Patients may return to normal activities, but are often encouraged to avoid peels if there is an important social function or other event within the next two to three weeks that they must attend. If you're unsure of whether the timing is right, consult a medical professional in the Mequon area to express your concern and to help decide on the best time to have the procedure performed.

Because the peel may cause a burn and may cause scarring as well, a physician is often present while the peel is being performed. In some cases, a built-in safety valve may be included in the peel so that the chemical agent does not over penetrate the skin. This may include the blue dye being applied with the TCA in the peel. With the blue dye, the individual performing the peel knows how deep the peel has penetrated to help them determine when to stop to avoid injury.

The peel may be repeated after about six months to maintain optimal results, while micro-peels may help to maintain the results as well. Speak with your doctor regarding possible maintenance programs and skin care programs to optimize results and ensure their long-lasting effect.

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