Does LATISSE ® Really Result in Fuller Eyelashes?

For patients in Warren, Michigan who want to achieve fuller, thicker eyelashes, LATISSE® may be a viable option to achieve those goals. Discovered by researchers working on another eye care product, this product was marketed for the growth of eyelashes. The mechanism of the active ingredient of LATISSE®, which is called bimatoprost, is not fully understood. Researchers believe, however, that the results provided by this treatment are due to the increase in the percentage of lash development during the lash growth phase. When applied regularly, this product may help patients grow longer, fuller, darker upper eyelashes.

This is a prescription product that is applied by the patient in the comfort of his or her home. Before applying the product, the patient should wash his or her face and remove any contacts, makeup or creams they are wearing. The patient will then prepare the special applicator by placing a drop of the solution on it. They will then apply the solution to the base of the upper eyelid where the base of the lashes meets the eyelid's skin. Excess solution may be blotted off using a dry tissue and a fresh applicator should be used for each eyelid. Patients are never to reuse an applicator.

There have been some who have reported temporary itching or a slight redness after applying the solution, but these should resolve as the body becomes accustomed to the product. While this product is intended to be applied to the eyelid and not the actual eye, if a small amount of the solution accidentally enters the eye, it will not harm the eye.

The growth experienced as a result of LATISSE® lasts for the natural duration of the growth cycle of the eyelashes. This is typically around one to two months. Patients may begin to see results after about four to eight weeks of continual use of this product, and the full affects may become evident after about 16 weeks of treatment. Patients may begin a maintenance program after the initial four months of treatment to maintain results, applying the product every two to three days, although the current recommended instructions advise daily use of this product even following the initial 16 weeks. If treatment is stopped, patients may expect their eyelashes to return to pre-treatment appearance after four to six weeks.

Candidates for this procedure include any individual who desires fuller, thicker, darker upper eyelashes. During research, even individuals who have sensitive eyes were able to successfully use this product. Those not considered candidates for this product, however, include individuals who are taking antibiotics, heart medication or other drugs, and individuals who have neurological and certain other diseases. Those with severe allergies are encouraged to discuss using this product with a medical professional in the Warren area before use. Pregnant women and those with skin infections or other conditions on the upper eyelids are not considered candidates for this procedure.

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