Improved Eyelashes with Latisse

Patients in Anchorage, Alaska and around the nation have achieved thicker, darker eyelashes with Latisse. This is the first prescription medicine approved to promote eyelash growth. Reports indicate that about 80% of patients who use Latisse have enjoyed increased and improved eyelash growth as a result. The treatment must be applied on a daily basis and the proper application of treatment should be discussed with a qualified medical professional at a reputable clinic, in order to ensure the best results.

Those interested in Latisse should first determine if they are considered an ideal candidate for treatment. Most patients who want thicker, fuller and darker upper eyelashes are considered candidates for this treatment, even patients with sensitive eyes. Patients on antibiotics, heart medication or other drugs should speak with a physician before beginning treatment. Also, those with certain neurological disorders and other diseases, as well as those with allergies, should discuss their candidacy with a medical professional. Pregnant women and patients with skin infections or other conditions affecting the upper eyelids are not considered good candidates for Latisse.

Lashes that grow as a result of Latisse last for the normal lash growth cycle, which is typically one to two months. Patients may apply Latisse by themselves at home and should follow the proper instructions. Prior to application, the face should be thoroughly washed and any makeup or creams should be removed. Patients who wear contacts should also remove these before applying treatment. Using the applicator, patients apply a drop of solution to the base of the upper eyelid. This is where the eyelash base meets the skin of the upper eyelid. Excess solution should be removed by blotting the area with a dry tissue. A new applicator should be used for each eyelid and patients should never reuse an applicator.

Temporary redness or itching around the area following application has been reported, but these side effects usually resolve as the body adapts to the treatment. While the product should only be applied to the eyelid and not the eye itself, if a small amount of the solution does get in the eye, the eye will not be harmed. Results typically begin to appear after 4 to 8 weeks, although this may vary. Full results may not be realized for 16 weeks.

Results will last for as long as the patient continues to apply treatment. Latisse is meant to be applied every day, but some patients begin a maintenance program, applying treatment every two to three days, after the initial 16 weeks it takes to reach optimal results. Patients are encouraged to speak with their physician regarding maintenance programs and how often they should apply treatment.

For more information about Latisse, patients should speak with a knowledgeable medical professional at a reputable clinic. Currently, Latisse is the only prescription treatment approved by the FDA for the development of thicker, fuller eyelashes. A trained professional is the best resource for more information pertaining to cosmetic treatment and enhancement.

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