Safe and Effective Hair Removal: Laser Hair Removal

For patients in the Williamsville, New York area and throughout the country, getting rid of unwanted hair is often a priority. Some may feel self-conscious if they have more body hair than others and may turn to waxes or other means of removing their unwanted hair. Using lasers, however, is among the most effective and precise ways to remove unwanted hair without the monotony of waxing. Laser hair removal was discovered by accident when a scientist accidently exposed his arm to a 692 diode pumped YAG laser in the 1970s. The procedure did not harm him and the hair that was burned off did not grow back.

Lasers are used in various facets of the medical field to deliver a variety of treatments and accomplish various goals. Over the years, laser hair removal has been refined to the safe and effective procedure that it is today. There are four different types of lasers used in laser hair removal: Alexandrite, Ruby, Diode and ND, and LP ND Yag.

The technician is able to control or adjust several aspects of the treatment to ensure patient comfort and deliver the most effective results possible. The pulse length is one such factor that may be adjusted. Longer pulse lengths are generally considered safer than shorter pulse lengths. The energy level, or fluence is also adjusted by the technician, as well as the delay. The delay is the amount of time between laser pulses, affecting how long skin and hair follicles are given to cool off. The spot size affects the speed and penetration of the laser, while there are also various cooling methods the technician may use such as a gel, spray or cooled tip applied to the skin. Before beginning treatment, patients should discuss these factors with the technician.

Laser hair removal has made it possible to treat a large area without disrupting the outer layer of skin. Waxes, razors, tweezers and other products allow hair to grow back. Hair that grows back after laser hair removal is often light and very fine, almost invisible to the naked eye in many cases. Patients are encouraged to discuss possible results with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in Williamsville for more information.

While this treatment is designed to ignore skin tone, light skinned individuals with dark hair tend to enjoy the most successful results. The procedure may not be as effective for patients with dark skin tones or red, gray or blonde hair. Patients should consult a physician to determine their own candidacy for this procedure. It is also important to consider that patients who are thought to be ideal candidates for this procedure may not respond well to the treatment and may not get the results they expect.

Interested patients are encouraged to discuss the procedure, its benefits, possible results and their candidacy with a medical professional at a reputable clinic in their area. Patients are also encouraged to discuss any possible risks or complications associated with this procedure such as burns, lesions or skin discoloration. A trained professional is the best resource for further information.

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