The Success of Laser Hair Removal

Patients in New York, New York who are interested in laser hair removal have found success through the work of qualified cosmetic technicians. There are several cosmetic and skin treatments available at most medical spas and cosmetic clinics and patients are encouraged to explore all of their options before deciding on any particular treatment. For patients looking to get rid of unwanted hair, laser hair removal may be an option. More information about this procedure may be obtained through consultation with a professional, although a little background information never hurt.

In the 1970s, a physician working with a diode pumped YAG laser accidentally exposed his arm to the laser for several seconds. He later realized that the hair was burned off, but did not grow back. His skin was also unharmed in the accident. Thus, laser hair removal was born. Of course, through the years many advancements and innovations have allowed the treatment to become more effective and safer since the scientist's initial accidental discovery.

Patients unwilling to commit to a life of razors, tweezers and hot wax have been pleased with the results of laser hair removal. Any hair regrowth is often lighter and finer in texture and therefore much less noticeable. The procedure may treat large areas in one sitting and is thought to be most effective on light skinned, dark haired individuals. Interested patients should discuss the advantages of the procedure with a qualified professional

As for the disadvantages, patients with dark skin or blonde, red or gray hair may not find the procedure as successful. Some patients considered ideal candidates for the treatment may not find the treatment successful either. In some cases, regrowth may be patchy or patterned and some patients may find the procedure painful. If the treatment is performed improperly, or if there is an overexposure to the laser light, patients may experience burns, lesions or skin discoloration. For this reason, it is important to locate a reputable clinic.

Several lasers may be used to remove hair. These include the alexandrite, ruby, diode and ND and LP ND YAG. Patients are encouraged to discuss the different lasers with a qualified professional before treatment. Interested patients should also discuss the various factors that the technician may adjust to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.

Among these adjustable factors is the pulse length of the laser; long pulsed lasers are considered the safest. Also among these factors are the fluence (energy level may vary per skin type) and the delay (the time between pulses). The spot size affects the speed and penetration of the laser and may also be adjusted by the technician. Various cooling methods may also be used including gels, sprays and a cooled tip pressed against the skin.

The price of laser hair removal may vary depending on the clinic, so patients are encouraged to inquire with a specific clinic to obtain a quote. To learn more about laser hair removal, patients should contact a medical professional at a reputable medical spa or cosmetic clinic.

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