Fractional Resurfacing Offers Effective Treatment with Minimal Downtime

Patients in the Lancaster, California area have found success in achieving their cosmetic and laser resurfacing goals through fractional resurfacing. Laser technology is used to bring patients relief from several cosmetic blemishes and skin conditions such as wrinkles, scars, acne scars, sun damage and brown spots.

Lasers have been used more and more in the cosmetic and medical field because of the precision and control they offer to technicians and doctors as they perform the procedure. Lasers are used to produce a controlled damage to the dermis or epidermis, but should only be administered or applied by a trained, licensed medical professional.

Fractional resurfacing works by applying laser energy to the collagen beneath the skin. The water in the collagen absorbs the energy and the laser safely removes small layers of skin. This diminishes the appearance of certain cosmetic flaws such as wrinkles, scarring, acne scars, etc. It also produces a smoother, softer texture. This is due to the renewal of collagen and the generation of new cells stimulated by the laser energy.

Those who are interested in fractional resurfacing or who want to learn more about the procedure are encouraged to consult a trained medical professional in their area. They should discuss their candidacy for the procedure and should make sure that they understand the recovery process following fractional resurfacing, even if it is light and requires only minimal to no downtime.

Patients who have mild to moderate wrinkles or acne may be considered a candidate. Those with age spots, sun damage and rough skin may also be considered a candidate for this procedure. While the results of fractional resurfacing may last for a long time, they are not permanent. Subsequent sessions may be required to maintain optimal results.

Following treatment, results may begin to become noticeable almost immediately. Results should continue to improve over the first few months following the procedure. Four treatments (one every month for four months) are usually recommended to reach optimal results. This may vary, however, so talk to an experienced skincare professional for more information and a more accurate estimate of the number of treatments required for each individual.

There is some swelling associated with fractional resurfacing following the procedure. Redness may also be present. Peeling is common for a few weeks and patients may be encouraged to use a moisturizer to reduce this side effect.

Patients are usually able to return to work and resume their normal activities after the procedure, as there is no pain associated with fractional resurfacing. Some patients choose to take a few days off until the swelling subsides, although this is up to the patient. Individuals are encouraged to follow any recovery and downtime instructions given to them by their doctor or skincare professional, however.

For more information about fractional resurfacing and to determine one's own candidacy for the procedure, interested patients who have wrinkles, acne scars, age spots or other cosmetic blemishes are encouraged to consult a trained professional in the Lancaster community. A trained skincare professional is often the best resource for further information.

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