Mesotherapy for the Treatment of Cellulite

For those in Atlanta, Georgia who are suffering from cellulite, understanding the condition is often the first step in overcoming the dimply, embarrassing appearance. Contrary to what many believe, cellulite is actually a skin condition and not a fat problem, although fat is involved. Fibrous tissue in the skin that holds fat cells in place becomes increasingly rigid as we age. As this happens, fat cells begin to push up through the spaces in the tissue giving the skin the uneven, dimply appearance.

The condition is largely hereditary and is most common in women. Women may be more likely to develop cellulite if their mother or a close relative has the problem. The degree to which cellulite appears may also be determined by genetics, as the number of fibrous bands composing the tissue is passed down through genetics.

Mesotherapy is a treatment that utilizes injections of traditional and homeopathic medicines, as well as vitamins to relieve cellulite, sagging skin, wrinkles and excess fat. As each injection may contain different ingredients, injections must be approved by the FDA for a specific medical purpose. Talk to your mesotherapist for more information about FDA approval of the ingredients of mesotherapy.

The areas to be treated are always discussed with the patient before injections are made. The dermatologist or skincare professional usually marks off the areas to be treated before beginning treatment. Injections are made into the mesoderm (middle layer of skin) and some degree of heaviness and discomfort may be present. Side effects may differ, however, from patient to patient and should be discussed with the skincare professional prior to treatment.

Aside from some minor discomfort from the injections, there is usually nothing invasive to recover from following mesotherapy. The body will be working to alter its internal structures in the days, weeks and months following treatment. Patients are usually able to resume their normal activities almost immediately following treatment, but should discuss this with a skincare professional.

Those seeking treatment for cellulite, excessive fat, wrinkles, etc. are encouraged to discuss their candidacy for mesotherapy with a skincare or medical professional. Patients who would like to relieve these conditions without surgery or the use of a general anesthetic are encouraged to explore mesotherapy. Most insurance carriers will not cover cellulite, as it is usually considered a cosmetic procedure. However, it is often a good idea to check with the insurance carrier and skincare professional to see what your insurance covers.

While this procedure is used to treat various areas of the body, the arms, abdomen, buttocks, thighs and area under the chin are generally treated. In some cases, areas on the face may also be treated using mesotherapy. Talk to a skincare professional in the Atlanta community to determine if mesotherapy may be helpful in reaching your goals.

More information about mesotherapy should be obtained from a qualified, licensed skincare professional. This is the best resource for information pertaining to mesotherapy, cellulite and other skin conditions and treatments.

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