Fractional Resurfacing: Fast Results with Minimal to No Downtime

Fractional resurfacing is a procedure that has helped patients throughout Denver, Colorado achieve desired cosmetic results. The procedure has allowed many to overcome wrinkles, fine lines, age spots (also called sun spots and liver spots), sun damage and other cosmetic blemishes. It has also been used to provide tighter skin and a smoother texture. What attracts a lot of patients to this procedure is that there is minimal to no downtime after treatment, unlike some cosmetic procedures that require a general anesthetic and a few days or weeks to recover.

This procedure utilizes laser technology to provide fast results almost immediately after the procedure. Lasers are being used more and more in the medical and cosmetic fields for the precision and safety they offer. They may be found in several facets of the medical and cosmetic fields from ophthalmology to hair removal to surgery.

The laser energy used in fractional resurfacing passes through the skin and is then absorbed by the collagen underneath the skin. Fine layers of skin are removed, which lessens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improves the texture of the skin. Collagen renewal is also stimulated by this procedure, providing tighter, younger looking skin. As new skin cells are generated, the skin's surface is left feeling smoother and softer than before.

Following treatment, the treated area may appear swollen and red for a few days. Patients may appear tanned or bronzed in the treatment area for a few weeks after the treatments. No pain is associated with fractional resurfacing, although some patients may experience peeling. Moisturizer may help to reduce peeling associated with this procedure. As there is nothing invasive to recover from, most patients may resume their normal activities or return to work immediately following treatment.

Results may be visible immediately following treatment, although optimal results are usually reached a few months after treatments. Results may begin to gradually improve over this time period. One treatment session may be recommended each month for four months. Patients are encouraged to discuss a treatment schedule with a trained professional in the Denver area.

The cost of fractional resurfacing may vary depending on the clinic and treatment area. Generally, each session runs between $750 and $1,100, although this may vary. This procedure is not covered by insurance companies, as it is considered a cosmetic treatment.

Fractional resurfacing is an attractive alternative to many treatments that may require a significant period of downtime. Patients may be forced to miss work or school following some procedures, while fractional resurfacing is a non-invasive procedure that allows patients to return to work or school immediately following treatment. Results are longer lasting than many treatments and there is no pain associated with the procedure.

Those interested in fractional resurfacing are encouraged to seek further information through a consultation with an experienced skincare professional in the Denver area. This is often the best source of further information pertaining to fractional resurfacing and cosmetic blemishes such as wrinkles and other signs of aging.

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