What Does a VI Peel Treat?

A VI Peel has helped patients in the Tampa, Florida area overcome a variety of cosmetic and skin conditions. Patients who are suffering from sun damage, acne or various signs of aging are encouraged to speak with a medical professional regarding this treatment and its effects on these conditions. Various areas of the body may be treated with this procedure including the face, chest and hands, as well as many other parts of the body. Precancerous skin cells may also be removed with this treatment.

VI Peel is a type of chemical peel that involves applying a chemical solution to the skin to remove the damaged surface layers of the skin. The healthy skin underneath is then revealed and collagen production in the tissue is encouraged. The procedure is used to treat patients of all skin types and is actually less painful than other chemical peels. There is minimal downtime and recovery associated with VI Peel unlike other chemical peel options and patients are able to resume their normal daily activities immediately after treatment.

A nurse, aesthetician, cosmetic physician or medical professional at a medical spa or cosmetic dermatology practice may perform the procedure. Unlike other chemical peels, a pretreatment is not required. To perform the procedure, the skin is first cleansed and the VI Peel solution is spread over the skin. Most patients feel comfortable during the procedure, although some experience a minor stinging sensation which is normal. Most procedures take between 20 and 30 minutes to perform, although this may vary. The peel must be left on the skin for about five hours after the appointment is complete.

The skin may appear reddish or tan for a while after treatment, although makeup may be used to conceal this. Cosmetics should be avoided during the procedure, although they may be worn before and after the process. After about three days, the skin will begin peeling and will do so for about another week. During this time, makeup should not be worn. Patients may, however, apply moisturizer to reduce the appearance of the peeling skin. Skin may feel more sensitive during this time.

Patients may decide to schedule several VI Peel sessions to reach optimal results, although most are happy with their results after just one treatment. Maintenance peels may be encouraged a couple of times throughout the year to ensure the continued aesthetic appeal of the skin. For more information about maintenance programs, consult a medical professional in the Tampa area.

The procedure itself typically costs between $400 and $500 per session, while products associated with the treatment are also available that may cost between $32 and $88. The procedure is not considered medically necessary because it is used for cosmetic purposes, so insurance carriers do not cover it.

Those who would like further information about the VI Peel or other treatments for relieving sun damage, the signs of aging and acne are encouraged to consult a licensed medical professional in the Tampa area.

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