Types of Lasers in Laser Hair Removal

In Cranston, Rhode Island many patients have found success through laser hair removal. This procedure has helped many rid themselves of unwanted hair through the use of safe, proven laser technology. Lasers are used throughout the medical field for a variety of applications. They are used in ophthalmology, surgery, cosmetic enhancement and in many other facets of the field. Their safety and precision makes them an attractive tool in providing treatment to patients.

Laser hair removal may be performed with various lasers that should be discussed with a professional. The procedure was actually discovered by accident by a scientist working with a 692 diode pumped YAG laser. The scientist exposed his arm to the laser for several seconds and realized that the hair had been burned off. He noticed that the hair did not grow back and he was not harmed by the procedure and thus laser hair removal was born. The procedure was refined over the next several years to provide greater safety and comfort.

Four types of lasers are used to provide treatment today. The Alexandrite, Ruby, Diode and ND, and LP ND Yag lasers are all used to safely remove hair. Patients should discuss these lasers with a medical professional in the Cranston area for more information and to determine which is right for them.

To ensure patient comfort, various factors may be adjusted such as the pulse length. Long pulsed lasers are considered the safest. The fluence may be adjusted by skin type, while the delay may be adjusted to affect the time between pulses. Spot size determines the speed and penetration of the laser. A large spot size will penetrate deeper, and the appropriate spot size allows the medical professional to reach the hair where it grows. There are also various cooling methods such as gels, sprays and a cooled tip to provide comfort throughout treatment.

Patients of all skin and hair types may find success through laser hair removal. However, the most successful patients have dark hair and light skin. Those with blonde or red hair or those with dark skin may not be as successful.

Before treatment, patients should consult with a medical professional at a clinic in the Cranston area to determine which laser is right for them. Those seeking more information about laser hair removal or other cosmetic treatments should seek consultation with a medical professional, as this is usually the best resource for further information on the subject.

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