Does LATIESSE ? Really Improve Eyelash Thickness?

Individuals with small or thin eyelash growth in the Pasadena, California area and throughout the nation have found success through LATISSE ?. This is an FDA-approved prescription treatment for those with thin or small eyelashes who desire longer, thicker or fuller eyelashes. While the precise reason for the treatment's success is not fully understood, researchers believe that it is due to an increase in the percentage of lash development during the lash growth phase. Some reports indicate that about 80% of those who use LATISSE ? report success in terms of the growth and fullness of their lashes.

Most individuals who would like improved growth or thickness of their lashes are considered candidates for this procedure. Individuals taking antibiotics, heart medication or other drugs may not be considered candidates, however, and should discuss the use of the treatment with their doctor. Likewise, individuals with certain neurological or other diseases or individuals with allergies should consult their doctor before using LATISSE ?. Women who are pregnant and individuals with skin infections or other problems around the upper eyelids are not considered candidates for this treatment.

LATISSE ? is applied at home by the patient. Patients must wash their face and remove contacts, makeup or any creams they are wearing. A drop of the solution should be applied to the applicator, which should then be applied to the base of the upper eyelid where the skin meets the lashes. Use a dry tissue to blot off any excess solution and discard of the applicator. A new applicator should be used for each lid. There may be some temporary redness or itching around the area, although this usually resolves on its own as the body becomes used to the product. Do not apply the treatment to the eye, although if a small amount gets into the eye, it will not cause harm.

Patients should understand that the results of LATISSE ? appear gradually. Initial results may appear after about four to eight weeks and the full effects of the treatment may become evident after 16 weeks. The results of the treatment may only be evident for as long as the treatment is used. A maintenance program in which patients apply the treatment every two or three days may be adopted after 16 weeks and the full benefits are realized, although some recommend continuing the usual recommended daily dose. If treatment is stopped, eyelashes may revert to their original appearance after about four to six weeks.

The price of LATISSE ? may vary, although it typically runs about $110 to $150 per bottle. Each bottle contains a 45-day supply of the solution. Because this is a cosmetic procedure, insurance companies will not cover its cost. Consult a medical professional in Pasadena as well as your insurance company for more information.

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